tirsdag den 19. marts 2013

Media Rant Time

I really dislike the media both in Denmark and others places right now.

For example here in Denmark the singer Medina has been "cheating" on her boyfriend with an ex(All freaking lies in my eyes). Speaking of "cheating" scandals, Miley Cyprus name  has also been in the media because some "sources" say that Liam her fiancé has been "cheating" on her with a blonde actress.

Weeks ago there also were an Aussie girl who claimed she had slept with Zayn Malik from One Direction, there is last i checked in a relationship with Perrie Edwards from the girl band Little Mix(Lies again) .

 On Red Nose Day which is an charity show celebrated on March 15th from Great Britain Louis Tomlinson did dye his hair red, but all the attention where again only on Harry Styles(This is not rant on Harry just a rant on the media in general).

 If Louis Tomlinson gets some attention from the media then it either for sassing other celebrities(some kind of asks for it) or the very "lovely" Larry Stylinson "romance" shippers on twitter. Ether way don't you think they would have came out of the closet, a little earlier than after three years in the business but I'm not a homophobic person so i support gay right, so if they were a couple i would support them and i may not agree with you people who ship it, but i will not be rude towards you,  cause i would hate myself for doing that.

Sorry for bringing One Direction in too this rant, but they are a boy band which deserve to be giving credit all equally for the good things they do like charity football,visits very sick children(shoutout to the sweetheart Louis Tomlinson).

What are your thoughts on the media?.

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