torsdag den 13. juni 2013

Jesy Nelsons Birthday Video Entry

Well just a really quick update from me. Here on 14th one  of my idols and huge inspirations will be 22 and all us danish mixers(Little Mix fandom name) have send in a some kind of photo with us in it or an edited one to the official danish Facebook fanpage, so the three(two owns it and the last one helps with editing video and photos posted on thier fanpage) really lovely girls who owns the page could make it in to a happy Birthday Video for Jesy.

Screenshot from the video(my entry)
You can socialize with them on twitter,Facebook and tumblr just search : lm_denmark(twitter) ,little mix Denmark(Facebook) and to get their updates on the girls. 
Here at last : Please go watch and share it if you think it was great (social media you name it)

Bye for now :).  

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  1. Du spurgte hvordan man sætter bloglovin ind på sin blog, og det har jeg forklaret for dig :)


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