fredag den 28. marts 2014

New Project On Instagram // 100 Happy Days //

Maybe there are someone of you my lovely readers, that have heard about the hashtag and the belonging challenge #100happydays on Instagram.

I first noticed the whole thing on Gemma Anne Styles profile(@namelessgem) and thought "what is this thing?". That was around, when she only had posted 34 days in row with the hashtag.

Two weeks ago I saw more about the concept on a Danish bloggers blog. 

And what you have to do is very simple. Each day in 3 months you have to upload a picture of what made you happy on that day. 

This is what I have oploaded in the first 6 days of the challenge 

See you on Instagram tomorrow and on here Sunday - more about my birthday party and my outfit in good quality this time :-D 

Sara Mie :) 

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