fredag den 18. april 2014

DIY// Bracelet Festival Styled One

Hey my lovely readers. I just finished making this festival style bracelet which I am going to use the next period of time. For parties/last day of school before my verbal exams starts.

What I used to create it was  

Army green silk ribbon 
5 "Silver" pearls with flowers and stripes 
Pink coral pearl 
2 orange melted plastic pearls 

As you can see in this collage below I first cut the ends of the ribbon diagonal and then found a pencil to hold the bracelet while I braided the two ends together and putted the pearls on it.

But before I started braiding I secured the lock on the pencil with the three pearls. 
Which I again later used to make the final product done. You understand me if you look at the last picture in the post. 

Hope you enjoyed this little post because I enjoyed writing it for you ;-) 

More of this DIY in future on here! 

Sara Mie :) 

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