fredag den 16. maj 2014

Some Talk About Dresses And A Milestone For The Blog and Me

Hi Guys

Some days ago I went shopping again with my mother. 

We bought some very girly items. These items will have their own separate blogpost tomorrow or sunday because I need to focus on some outline work because the deadline is on Wednesday for my Danish one and the English one is almost done - just the final details needs to be fixed on Monday. 

Now to something a bit off topic that I have wanted to write about some weeks time.  

It´s very rare you will see me in fancy dresses - actually only if I´m at an event or are wearing it in a more my own kind style way - with a cowboy jacket or leather jacket or some unique/funky jewellery .

But also if I´m wearing a top underneath it. I sometimes have a very hard time finding a dress because of my body figure. That can make it a challenge with dresses because I´m a bit like a column. You know very straight up and down from the shoulders to the start of the hip bones. On top of that I´m very flat when you look both at my ass and boobs. So it is not every dress in the world my body will look great in. 

But I´m slowly learning about which type of dresses fit my body and which doesn’t do at all - I simply look like a little girl dressing up in her mothers clothes when I wear something unflattering to my body haha. It is a hilarious sight but at the same time a bit annoying for myself to look at.

 You have work with what you got. But if you notice many models or some Danish bloggers are flat as well and they are sorry my language fucking sexy, gorgeous and fabulous when they
are rocking their/our looks on the streets, catwalks or the red carpet or on a normal boring Thursday night out in town with the girls. 

Because they with a little helping hand know how the body looks the best, so the most flattering sides of the body gets to be shown. Not the other annoying way. 

By the way this is my 100th post on here - it´s the first milestone I have reached on here. The next is to get 5000 views on here - there is a bit way until I can checkmark that of my list of goals in my blogger/private life. 

Bye for now - see you later my lovely readers 

Sara Mie :) 

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