søndag den 22. juni 2014

Photography Start

Yesterday I took some photos of my dog and the nature around where I live. This is a thing that you will get used to see on here in the future when I have learnt a bit more about photography on my boarding school. I will try and take some more photos whenever I can borrow my uncles Canon EOS 400D Digital Camera. Because I want to try and practice my skills a bit so my teacher knows what I can and can't do with a camera when I start at the boarding school.

Some might say that the camera is old but for a beginner it is a great camera. I started with taking some practice shots but those were not great because I didn´t turn the sharp function on. Then I looked a bit in manual and learnt how the functions work because I wanted to figure it out by myself and that´s what I did do.

Now to the photos of Max and some flowers 

Just to try and see how it would look in black and white 


Sara Mie :) 

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