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Get the Look Jesy Nelson

Hi my awesome readers  

Just a quick little fashion post from me to you. 

As you all might have noticed if you have visited my Tumblr you probably have seen I´m a bit crazy about reblog/liking things with Jesy Nelson from Little Mix which is the British girl band that won x-factor 2011. Another reason why I reblog/like things with her is because she´s my number 1 girl crush besides Selena Gomez ;). 

That is why she as well as the other 3 girls are some of my style icons. 

This collage is showing show to get her look in a luxury and budget version 

Luxury Outfit: Skirt /Balmain Necklace/DSQUARED Bracelet/ Fiorelli High Heels/ Saint Laurent Boots/ Sergio Rossi Cropped Fishnet Top/Jonathan Simkhai  Lipstick/ Bobbi Brown and Little Mix for Elegant Touch Jesy version 1 and the newest version 2 

 Budget Outfit: Top/Nelly and Blackfive Mini skirt/Boohoo Rings/Topshop 
Watch/La Mer Collections Black Malibu Wedges with crossed over straps/Alisia Suede Chunky Gripsole Sandal/ Ariel Super Lipstick/ Nyx Nailpolishes/Essie OPI and ILLAMASQUA  

Jesys style is a lot daring/sporty and tomboyish which have inspired me to try and mix my clothing in a more unique way than just going with flow because I like to stand out from crowd sometimes. 

Actually some times when I walk in the high street stores seeing if I can find anything that is likely Jesys clothing but it is hard to find anything because we here in Denmark have different items than in the UK stores  - so when I one day travel to London I have to go at some of the high street stores over there because I could be lucky to find something in the style of Jesy. 

Like the nail stick-ons that I put into this collage with the luxury styling because they fitted well . 

If this were to be a series of post on here which celeb should I do next? 
Comment down below thank you 

Bye for now!

Sara Mie :) 

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